Both Security and Justice

for Palestinians as well as Israelis

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Welcome to, where we believe that both security and justice are required for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.Reverberations from the Israeli/Palestinian situation add a risk premium to the price we pay for gas at the pump. We also believe that both security and justice are required to stop fueling the violence that threatens the security of us all. We don’t want anything more for one group than another. We also don’t want anything less.


The Reality Snippets and Myth Buster Conversations on this site are a peek behind the standard media curtain that feeds us only some of what is happening in Israel and Palestine. We are working hard to bring you real life stories about Israelis and Palestinians that fully capture their challenges in seeking peace, justice and security for their families and communities.


Here you can get beyond media stories and consider how our American values are and aren’t reflected in US policy about the Holy Land. We’re hoping to encourage Americans to speak out to ensure that US policies reflect our values of freedom, security, justice and democracy for everyone, everywhere – especially in the Holy Land. We welcome your voice.