Both Security and Justice

for Palestinians as well as Israelis

If you appreciate, enjoy or are energized by the Both-Security-and-Justice Initiative, then please consider donating to the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). AFSC has its roots as a voice speaking truth to power in the Friends Movement that began in the 1600s. AFSC has organized relief efforts for refugees and displaced persons. AFSC works to empower people who are directly affected by a conflict. AFSC advocates for policy change based on the Quaker testimonies to peace and equality. For decades, AFSC has sponsored schools, engaged with refugees and provided humanitarian assistance to Palestinians.

AFSC staff as well as their facilities has nurtured several organizations and groups of which I have been a part. Without this engagement it is unlikely that I would have created the Both-Security-and-Justice Initiative. I am deeply grateful for AFSC’s voice that calls us to advocate for peace, equality and justice. They merit the financial support of any American who takes seriously the principle that all people deserve dignity and respect and who wants “To See What Love Can Do.”

Please be generous in your donations to AFSC. Your contribution to AFSC qualifies as a legitimate tax deduction with the IRS. Clicking on the AFSC logo below will take you directly to their secure donation website.