Both Security and Justice

for Palestinians as well as Israelis

Information related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Our purpose is to promote security and justice for all peoples.

Reality Snippets

Reality Snippets are videos that depict realities faced on a daily basis by those who carry Palestinian ID cards. After viewing the video, you are invited to submit your comments and answers to poll questions specific to each Reality Snippet.


Myth Buster Conversations

Myth Buster Conversations that depict interchanges between different perspectives on Israeli/Palestinian issues. After viewing the video, you are invited to submit your comments and answers to poll questions specific to each Myth Buster Conversation.


Arab Spring

The series of protests and demonstrations across the Middle East and North Africa has become known as the Arab Spring.


Israeli Checkpoints

The Iraeli Defense Forces has stated that during 2008, it has removed the crossing joins, 140 roadblocks and eight central checkpoints, in an effort to improve freedom of movement for the civilian Palestinian population.


Freedom of Movement

In some countries, freedom of movement has historically been limited for women, and for members of disfavored racial and social groups. Freedom of movement is limited for those living in the Palestinian Territories.


Gaza and the Gaza Strip

Throughout its history, Gaza has never been self-ruled or independent. Gaza fell to British forces during World War I, becoming a part of the British Mandate of Palestine.


House Demolition in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

A report, published by Human Rights Watch,documented what it described as a pattern of illegal demolitions by the Israeli Defense Forces in Rafah, a refugee camp and city at the southern end of the Gaza Strip on the border with Egypt where sixteen thousand people lost their homes after the Israeli government approved a plan to expand the de facto buffer zone.


U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Israel is the largest total recipient of direct economic and military assistance from the United States since World War II.


Operation Cast Lead

An Israeli ground invasion began on January 3. Infantry commanders were given an unprecedented level of access to coordinate with air, naval, artillery, intelligence, and combat engineering units during this second phase. Various new technologies and hardware were also introduced.


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The violence resulting from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has prompted international actions, as well as other security, justice and human rights concerns between both sides, and internationally.


Property Rights of the Palestinian People

Enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination without external interference, national independence and sovereignty; and to return to their homes and property causes conflict with the Israeli Defense Force.


West Bank and the Palestinian Territories

For 400 years immediately prior to the First World War, the area now known as the West Bank was under the Ottoman Empire's rule as part of the province of Syria.