Both Security and Justice

for Palestinians as well as Israelis

Focus & Purpose

The purpose of this website is to explore the realities, perceptions, values and feelings that come into play when Americans talk about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It will also consider the impact of these fundamental components on foreign policy. Advocates who disagree vehemently on other topics usually agree that U.S. foreign policy toward Israelis and Palestinians is one of the most consequential. Something this important demands our serious consideration.


Firsthand experience is among the best ways to learn. Building a full understanding of Israeli and Palestinian realities is no different. Few Americans have the opportunity to see for themselves what is happening to Israelis and Palestinians. With that in mind, this website offers a series of short videos called Reality Snippets. Taken together, these videos comprise a "virtual tour" that will introduce you to real people, their lives and their daily experiences.


In addition, you will find simulated conversations called Myth Buster Conversations that use fictitious characters. These characters discuss the Israeli/Palestinian situation from a variety of perspectives. Instead of heated rhetoric and declarative pronouncements, these conversations seek to explore Israeli and Palestinian matters with constructive dialogue.


We hope that you find the content of this website engaging and challenging. And we encourage you to share, post, tweet or generally pass along the links to Reality Snippets and Myth Buster Conversations and then discuss the topics with your friends. This website will have met its goals if it triggers new insight, sheds light on complexities and provides a basis for constructive dialogue about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.