Both Security and Justice

for Palestinians as well as Israelis

Reality Snippets

Below are Reality Snippets that depict realities faced on a daily basis by those who carry Palestinian ID cards. Videos are listed with the most recent releases at the top of the list. Visit our Myth Buster Conversations page too! Please feel free to browse and view all of our videos.

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4. Israeli Fence Separates Owner From Land That He Owns & Farms
This video from B'Tselem shows a Palestinian farmer who was cut off from his land by the Israeli fence. He describes how before the fence he and his family could walk a few minutes to farm their land. Now he must travel over 20 kilometers each way to farm his land.
3. Driving From Jenin to Hebron in the West Bank
Dr. Jad Isaac reports that Palestinians cannot drive in the West Bank more than 15 miles before they confront an Israeli created obstacle. As Dr. Isaac talks, a graphic displays an Israeli settler driving from Jenin to Hebron in about 1 hour and then displays a Palestinian trip that takes about 4 hours between the same two cities.
2. Obstacles to Movement Within the West Bank
Dr. Jad Isaac reports that delays at checkpoints result in childbirths and deaths. Photographs appear as he describes some of the Israeli created obstacles to movement within the west bank. A graphic shows how Israeli created earth mounds might affect Chicago.